Ruth Magh

Post doctoral researcher
Ruth Magh
Ruth Magh
Image: Ruth Magh


Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Institute of Geoscience
Burgweg 11 / H302
07749 Jena / Germany
+49 3641 9-48723

Research activity

I'm interested in the water and nutrient uptake dynamics of forests. This includes investigating root water- and nutrient uptake, transport, and incorporation into biomass. I work in mixed and pure species forests of the temperate and boreal region, and in ecosystems with different water and nitrogen availabilities. In the future I am interested to see if, and how this heterogeneity is translated into the soil, and how this influences soil water recharge and nutrient retention/leaching.

Currently, I work on the following questions in particular:

  • To what extend do roots reach for either water or nutrients horizontally and vertically?
  • How much is nitrogen uptake influenced by mass flow?
  • How do trees compete for nutrients with other players in the ecosystem and are mycorrhizal networks moving nutrients around to provide them to their tree hosts?

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Selected publications

Lutter R., N. Henriksson, H. Lim, R. Blaško, RK. Magh, T. Näsholm, A. Nordin, T. Lundmark, JD. Marshall: Belowground resource utilization in monocultures and mixtures of Scots pine and Norway spruce.External link Forest Ecology and Management, 2021. doi: 10.1016/j.foreco.2021.119647

Henriksson N., H. Lim, JD. Marshall, O. Franklin, RE. McMurtie, R. Lutter, RK. Magh, T. Lundmark, T. Näsholm: Tree water uptake enhances nitrogen acquisition in a fertilized boreal forest – but not under nitrogen poor conditionsExternal linkNew Phytologist, 2021. doi: 10.1111/NPH.17578

De Deurwaerder H.P.T., M.D. Visser, M. Detto, P. Boeckx, F. Meunier, K. Kuehnhammer, RK. Magh, JD. Marshall, L. Wang, L. Zhao, H. Verbeek: Causes and consequences of pronounced variation in the isotope composition of plant xylem waterExternal linkBiogeosciences, 2020. doi: 10.5194/bg-17-4853-2020

Magh RK., C. Eiferle, T. Burzlaff, M. Dannenmann, H. Rennenberg, M. Dubbert: Competition for water rather than facilitation in mixed beech-fir forests after drying- wetting-cycleExternal linkJournal of Hydrology, 2020. doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2020.124944

Rehschuh S., M. Fuchs, J. Tejedor, A. Schäfler-Schmid, RK. Magh, T. Burzlaff, H. Rennenberg, M. Dannenmann: Admixing Fir to European Beech Forests Improves the Soil Greenhouse Gas BalanceExternal linkForests 10: 213, 2019. doi:10.3390/f10030213

Magh RK., B. Bonn, R. Grote, T. Burzlaff, S. Pfautsch, H. Rennenberg: Drought Superimposes the Positive Effect of Silver Fir on Water Relations of European Beech in Mature Forest StandsExternal linkForests, 2019. doi: 10.3390/f10100897

Magh RK., F. Yang, S. Rehschuh, M. Burger, M. Dannenmann, R. Pena, T. Burzlaff, M. Ivankovic, H. Rennenberg: Nitrogen Nutrition of European Beech Is Maintained at Sufficient Water Supply in Mixed Beech-Fir StandsExternal linkForests, 2018. doi:10.3390/f9120733

Magh RK., M. Grün, V. Knothe, T. Stubenazy, J. Tejedor, M. Dannenmann, H. Rennenberg: Silver-fir (Abies alba MILL.) neighbors improve water relations of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), but do not affect N nutrition. Trees, 2018. doi:10.1007/s00468-017-1557-zExternal link

Conference contributions

Magh RK., N. Henriksson, H. Lim, R. Lutter, T. Näsholm, T. Lundmark, JD. Marshall: Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Water- and Nitrogen Uptake in two contrasting Boreal Scots Pine Forest Stands – and the importance of within stem distribution profiles. AGU Fall Meeting 2021. Talk (invited)

Magh RK., N. Henriksson, H. Lim, R. Lutter, T. Lundmark, JD. Marshall: Borehole equilibration 2.0 or how to chase tracer pulses in a forested ecosystem. EGU General Assembly 2021. Talk

Magh RK., C. Eiferle, H. Rennenberg, M. Dubbert: Water use strategies of mature beeches – a comparison of pure and mixed stands. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stablie Isotope e.V. 2018. Talk