Students in the field seminar

How to join us

Students in the field seminar
Image: Anke Hildebrandt

Interested in getting an idea of what ecohydrology is while making a buck: Join us as a student helper. Often, we are in search of support with field and soil laboratory work. Just write an e-mail!

As an undergraduate student in the Biogeosciences, Geosciences or related programme from within or outside of the FSU, feel free ask us about topics for project modules or final theses. Current options are related to our work within the Collaborative Research Centre AquaDiva, and focussed on spatial patterns of canopy fluxes and soil properties. If you are interested in deepening your process understanding, you like to shape your own research project and are not afraid neither or the outdoors nor quantitative analysis, than you may enjoy working with us. Topics can be adapted to your interests.

Here are some examples of past thesis topics:

  1. Assessing the difference of soil hydraulic properties in situ using paired measurements of soil water   content and soil water potential and comparison with addititional local information like soil organic carbon and texture
  2. Testing unconventional sampling devices for assessing spatial variation of thoughfall using gypsum blocks in the lab and in the field
  3. Assessing the temporal stability of dry deposition below tree canopies and below the main rooting zone

Current open calls for project module/final thesis:


We are currently not actively seeking PhD or Postdocs for the group. If you have an idea for a specific research topic, which fits into our research portfolio, and your are genuinly interested in gaining process understanding and quantitative ecohydrological research, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to support promising candidates with funding applications.