Soil hydrology course


Soil hydrology course
Image: Anke Hildebrandt

We teach the following courses within the programm of Geosciences or Biogeosciences at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Course name Offered when Applies to study programme Language
Preparatory class Mathematics
(3 day block course, 0 ECTS)
before start of the winter term BSc Geosciences German
EcohydrologyExternal link  
(3 ECTS)

Winter term BSc Biogeosciences (BBGW5.1.14)
MSc Geosciences (MGEOW009)
English only, if agreed upon during the first lecture with the students
Applied Geostatistics (3 ECTS) Summer term MSc Biogeosciences
MSc Geosciences
German or English depending on the participants
Geostatistics and GeoInformationSystems (GIS)
(6 ECTS)
Summer term MSc Environmental and Georesources Management (MUGM005) German or English depending on the participants

Course slides and additional information can be found on the university moodleExternal link page. Login is by using your university login and password. You are automatically registered upon inscription to the course in FriedolinExternal link.

For international students: The lecture in Geostatistics is taught in English by request. Please drop a note to Anke Hildebrandt before the first lecture. Otherwise the lecture will be held in German, and you would risk missing the information given there. She will also make sure you are subscribed to the moodle system.