Friedrich J. Bohn

Post doctoral researcher
Friedrich J. Bohn Friedrich J. Bohn Image: Sebastian Wiedling


Department of Computational Hydrosystems & Department of Ecological Modelling
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig
+49 341 235-1784
Twitter: @bohnfriedrich
LinkedIn: Friedrich Bohn

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Research activity

Forest structure and tree species diversity and its implications for carbon and Water cycle under climate change.
Forest models (e.g. FORMIND)
Remote sensing: linking remote sensing and ecological modelling.
Human decisions under complex situation in agent-based models.

Selected publications

Bruening J.M., R. Fischer, F.J. Bohn, J. Armston, A.H. Armstrong, N. Knapp, H. Tang, A. Huth, R. Dubayah: Challenges to aboveground biomass prediction from waveform lidarEnviron. Res. Lett., 2021.

Maréchaux I., F. Langerwisch, A. Huth, H. Bugmann, X. Morin, C.P.O. Reyer, R. Seidl, A. Collalti, M. Dantas de Paula, R. Fischer, M. Gutsch, M.J. Lexer, H. Lischke, A. Rammig, E. Rödig, B. Sakschewski, F. Taubert, K. Thonicke, G. Vacchiano, F.J. BohnTackling unresolved questions in forest ecology: The past and future role of simulation models. Ecol. Evol., 2021.

Ma X., M. Migliavacca, C. Wirth, F.J. Bohn, A. Huth, R. Richter, M.D. Mahecha: Monitoring plant functional diversity using the reflectance and echo from spaceRemote Sens., 2020.

Bugmann H., R. Seidl, F. Hartig, F.J. Bohn, J. Brůna, M. Cailleret, L. François, J. Heinke, A.-J. Henrot, T. Hickler, L. Hülsmann, A. Huth, I. Jacquemin, C. Kollas, P. Lasch‐Born, M.J. Lexer, J. Merganič, K. Merganičová, T. Mette, B.R. Miranda, D. Nadal‐Sala, W. Rammer, A. Rammig, B. Reineking, E. Roedig, S. Sabaté, J. Steinkamp, F. Suckow, G. Vacchiano, J. Wild, C. Xu, C.P.O. Reyer: Tree mortality submodels drive simulated long‐term forest dynamics: assessing 15 models from the stand to global scale. Ecosphere, 2019.

Ma X., M.D. Mahecha, M. Migliavacca, F. van der Plas, R. Benavides, S. Ratcliffe, J. Kattge, R. Richter, T. Musavi, L. Baeten, I. Barnoaiea, F.J. Bohn, O. Bouriaud, F. Bussotti, A. Coppi, T. Domisch, A. Huth, B. Jaroszewicz, J. Joswig, D.-E. Pabon-Moreno, D. Papale, F. Selvi, G.V. Laurin, F. Valladares, M. Reichstein, C. Wirth: Inferring plant functional diversity from space: the potential of Sentinel-2Remote Sens. Environ., 2019.

Bohn F.J., F. May, A. Huth: Species composition and forest structure explain the temperature sensitivity patterns of productivity in temperate forestsBiogeosciences, 2018.

Bohn F.J., A. Huth: The importance of forest structure to biodiversity–productivity relationshipsR. Soc. Open Sci., 2017.

Fischer R., F.J. Bohn, M. Dantas de Paula, C. Dislich, J. Groeneveld, A.G. Gutiérrez, M. Kazmierczak, N. Knapp, S. Lehmann, S. Paulick, S. Pütz, E. Rödig, F. Taubert, P. Köhler, A. Huth: Lessons learned from applying a forest gap model to understand ecosystem and carbon dynamics of complex tropical forestsEcol. Model., 2016.

Müller B., F.J. Bohn, G. Dreßler, J. Groeneveld, C. Klassert, R. Martin, M. Schlüter, J. Schulze, H. Weise, N. Schwarz: Describing human decisions in agent-based models - ODD+D, an extension of the ODD protocolEnviron. Modell. Softw., 2013.