Gökben Demir

PhD student
Gökben Demir Image: Gökben Demir



Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Institute of Geoscience
Burgweg 11 / H302
07749 Jena / Germany

+49 3641 9-48723

Research activity

  • Estimation of soil water content
  • Soil water content dynamics
  • Interactions of soil, vegetation and atmosphere

Current Project

Ph.D. thesis, working title: "Effect of canopy-induced heterogeneity on water flux patterns below the root zone”. The work is a part of Collaborative Research Center AquaDiva.

Transformation of water and elements from the top of the canopy to below the root zone is affected by several processes varying at small scales and organized around vegetation. Canopies redistribute precipitation and create spatial variability that influences recharge, transpiration and other nonlinear ecohydrological and biogeochemical process. While canopies enhance small-scale heterogeneities, soil moisture might be equalized by root water uptake and hydraulic redistribution. I want to understand either those small-scale heterogeneities and the equalization phoneme enhance or destroy flow and matter transport into the deeper layers. By comparison water fluxes of the forest and the grassland plot of Hainich CZE, I want to explore the effect of canopy-induced heterogeneities within the forest enhance the net water fluxes.

Conference contributions


Ulusal Taşkın Sempozyumu. 2016. Demir, G. and Z. Akyurek. Taşkın Modellemelerinde Sayısal Yükseklik Modellerinin (SYM) Hassasiyetinin Önemi.

UZALMET. 2015. Ozkaya, A., K. Bolat, G. Demir, Z. Akyurek. Meteoroloji RADAR yağış verisinin Hidrolojik modellemede kullanımı açısından değerlendirilmesi.


European Geosciences Union General Assembly. 2019. Demir, G., J. C. Metzger, G. Andrew, J. Filipzik, A. Hildebrandt. Spatial variation of soil properties and throughfall in European mixed beech forest.

European Geosciences Union General Assembly. 2019. Filipzik, J., B. Michalzik, G. Demir, J. D. Kunze, A. Hildebrandt. Method proposal for net precipitation measurements on grassland.

European Geoscience Union General Assembly. 2018. Demir, G., Z. Akyurek and A. Binley. Soil Moisture Estimation from Point-Scale to Plot-Scale. (PICO)

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. 2017. Akyurek, Z., A. Binley, G. Demir, B. Abgarmi. Water content estimated from point scale to plot scale.

European Geoscience Union General Assembly. 2017. Demir, G., Z. Akyurek, A. Binley, I. Yucel, E. Kentel, N. Merzi, T. Yilmaz, M. Yanmaz. Establishing a Critical Zone Observatory Site in Turkey.

European Geosciences Union General Assembly. 2016. Demir, G. and Z. Akyurek. The Importance of Precise DEM in Modelling Floods.


Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Award 2019, EGU; 7-12 April, Vienna, Austria.

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